Cute 3-piece rings that become animals when you wear them all at once

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Don't you just love to take your favourite animal with you everywhere you go? Yes, you do! We all do! 

You can now do it with our 3-piece rings collection. These rings become an animal when you wear them all at once. 

1. Cheetah Ring

3 piece leopard ring

A gold plated cheetah ring can be purchased here

2. Cute Squirrel and Squirrel & Acorn Rings

These rings can be worn on one or three different fingers. You decide!

3 piece squirrel and acorn ring      3 piece squirrel ring

 Check these rings out here.

3. Eagle and Rabbit Ring

Earle and Rabbit 3 piece ring     Eagle and Rabbit 3 piece ring

 Grab this cutie here.

4. White Crane Ring

 White Crane 3 Piece Ring        White Crane Ring

Find it here.

5. Raccoon Ring

Raccoon 3 Piece Ring      Raccoon Ring

Check for more pictures here.

6. Cute Little Fox Ring

Fox 3-Piece Ring       Fox 3-Piece Ring

You can grab it here.



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